Rendering to a recent review, almost everyone is dreadfully confused about if they are actually on dates or if they are only hanging out. It is said that dating is like some kind of porn, you can only believe it if you actually see it.

This study came out from back in 2014 in America by the state of dating, the report was commissioned by Christian Mingle and J Date. Those aged between, 18 to 59 were around 2,647 and they were the only respondents that initiated to the online survey, it took them about 20 minutes each to survey about their dating put offs, prospects and finally their dating habits.

Dating an American

Below are the 7 things that were discovered during the survey:

People being confused if they are actually dating:

The report showed that 69% of the singles had no idea and were rather uncertain if hanging out or going out with someone they liked was an actual date or maybe not. A tip: always make your true intentions clear all the time. And if you’re someone dating online, whenever you go out with that person you met online then it’s a date.

Poor hygiene happens to be the first dating pact breaker for mutual genders:

The report also showed that excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, poor hygiene and unemployment were the common dating issues especially for women. For men the top 3 was overweight, smoking and lastly poor hygiene. It is no surprise that everybody wants their other significant to smell good.

Never text someone if you want to ask them to go out with you:

Apparently, the majority of those who responded [84%] prefer to be to be asked out through a phone call.

Sense of humor is a very attractive gadget in the opposite gender:

That was according to around 24% of those who responded, physical appearance being in position two of around 21% then lastly confidence with 16%.

Your pets might affect someone you date:

If you are someone that owns a reptile pet then you are likely to be dumped since the report showed that both men and women didn’t like rodents. More especially if their pets don’t get along hence it’s very hard to tell whether a rodent likes you or not.

From 26- 30, that is the age majority wants to be married:

49% of those who responded considered this to be perfect age for settling down. 22% followed saying the age of 31- 35 was the ideal age for them. If you are someone that wants to get married, age should not really matter just as long as you are ready, that is what counts. The result also showed that in U.S.A age of marriage is 29.8 for men and 26.9 for women.

Majority of the respondents prefer moving in with their partner sooner than later:

69% of the respondents thought that they should move in with someone in less than 6months or up to 2years of them dating. A word of advice, date someone who is ok with the way you are, rodents and all that.