A casual relationship is the kind of relationship where there is no agreement regarding future commitment. This type of connection comes with various benefits such as sexual benefits or financial gains. Casual dating may end after a particular period or even last longer depending on the agreement between the two parties.

Note that most casual relationships are kept secret since you don’t want people asking you about the relationship or even about your commitments. Therefore if you are planning on inviting a casual date to a wedding, here are some tips to guide you.


Tips to bring a casual date to a wedding:

 Inform the couple:

Remember the couple does not know about your partner hence they may issue a one invite only. So, to inform them that you will be bringing an extra person, make sure you alert them when replying to their invitation card. This is essential since it helps the couple to prepare an additional chair and food for your date on the wedding day.

Keep the records straight when inviting your casual date:

Don’t make it too formal when inviting your acquaintance. Emphasize the fact that you just want to spend time with them and nothing serious about the invite. Inviting someone to an important event like a wedding may mislead them into thinking that you need a serious relationship with them when you don’t. Also, the date may refuse to go with you assuming that you want to formalize the relationship and yet they are not ready or interested. So make sure that everything is clear you are just going to hang out and have fun.

 Respect your date:

Although you invited your date to keep you company, respect her and focus on her. Avoid checking other women or men who attended the wedding since this act may embarrass your date. Even if she or he is not the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with, don’t show it to the world that you are not together just to get attention from other people. Considering it is your first time to appear in public together, take the opportunity and get to know your date better.

Take care of your partner:

This is important especially when you go to the reception area. Remember your date does not know anyone in the gathering except you. So, keep her company, so she doesn’t feel lonely. Introduce her to your friends and if you want to greet your fellow invitees, make sure to tag her along. Ensure she has her favorite champagne served. Keep asking her if she is okay, if she needs something or if she is tired. This will make her feel comfortable, and if you need her for another event, she would not be reluctant to help you.

Know when to stop:                                       

You know your date more than anyone around the event and so watch out for their behaviors at the reception. If she talks, too much know when to silence her as she may end up embarrassing you. If he drinks uncontrollably, take him home or ask him to stop.